Converting to Abenity API V2 for SSO

Modified on Thu, 02 Nov 2017 at 02:45 PM

After implementing Abenity’s API, you’ll be able to manage member access to your Abenity Perks Program by performing single sign-on (SSO), deactivation, reactivation, and renewal. The instructions below guide you through the steps to either implement Abenity’s API for the first time, or convert from Abenity API v1 to Abenity API v2. 

Implementing Abenity API v2

To start, your IT Team will implement the Abenity API by following the documentation at This API documentation is very thorough and provides instructions for setting up the Abenity API including walk-through tutorial videos on using our PHP, C# or Python API Wrappers for easy integration.

API Credentials can be accessed through the Back Office after changing your registration to “API Registration.” You’ll input your Public Key in the API Integration section of the Back Office as well.

Migrating from Abenity API v1

One key difference between Single Sign-On in v1 and v2 is that v2 uses a unique “Client User ID” to track the existence of your member within the Abenity membership database. In order to transition to v2, you will need to work with Abenity in order associate a new Client User ID value with your existing members.

You’ll start generating this list by first performing a Member Export from your Back Office web site. You'll want to extract the "username" column for each member and then generate a 2-column CSV file where the 2nd column is the "client_user_id” that you would like to associate with the username on that row. This will allow our Development Team to "attach" the new client_user_id to each existing username so that your members’ access to the program is not interrupted. 

This is a one-time update so please make sure that your list is complete. Once that list is ready, please send it to your Abenity Client Executive and allow 48–72 business hours for our Development Team to complete the update process. Once this data is loaded, you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of the Abenity Single Sign-On API version 2.

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