One of the best ways to promote your Abenity program to registered and unregistered members alike is to highlight a specific discount within the Abenity platform. Once your members are registered in your program, your recommendations make it easy for them to become frequent users by suggesting which offer to redeem first.

You can securely deep link to any offer within your perks program by copying the unique link or embed code in each offer’s sharing widget and placing the link on an external website. If the member is signed out, they’ll see a branded preview page for that offer and will be prompted to register or login to gain full access to the redemption details.

Some quick ideas for using deep links:

- Add a "Make it a Movie Night!" link in your email signatures or intranet homepage

- Feature a new discount monthly in your internal newsletters

- Promote specific offers on your social media pages or internal communications channels

Let’s start promoting!

Select an Offer

Start by picking a popular offer like movie tickets or a national food chain (both great options to share as a timely promotion right before the weekend). The ‘Popular’ tab in your discounts program will give you an idea of which discounts are most popular on the Abenity platform right now. If your program includes access to analytics, you can also get more ideas by clicking the ‘Track Participation’ link in your Back Office to see what offers your active members are viewing the most.

Pick a Communication Channel

Once you’ve picked the offer you want to promote, it’s time to choose how you want to promote it. Are you going to send this out to your members in a text, email, or newsletter? Do you want to promote it in an internal social media group, app, or messaging platform? Do you want to add it to an intranet posting or benefits site? The choice is up to you!

Link vs. Embed

Depending on where you choose to promote the offer, you can either use a unique offer link back to our website or embed the offer directly into your own web page.

  1. Navigate to the offer within your program.

  2. Click on the ‘Share’ tab on the left side of the offer (the one with the small arrow).

  3. You’ll see the code to embed the offer on your own website, benefits page, or intranet. You can provide this code to your IT Team to add to your desired web page.

  4. If you’re looking to get a link to the offer, tap the black ‘Link’ icon above the embed code. A pop-up will appear with a pre-formatted link specifically for your program and that offer.

Borrow Some Text & Grab a Graphic!

If you’re linking out to the offer, you can use the offer’s title and description written by the vendor as promotional content to add your link to. You can even download and use the Vendor’s logo from the offer to promote it. High-resolution vendor logos and other promotional graphics can also be accessed in the ‘Advanced Resources’ tab of the Marketing Gallery within the Back Office of your program.

Deep Linking FAQs:

Can we link to an entire category instead of just a single offer?

Yes! While you’re not able to get a link to a vendor yet, you can link directly to a category or sub-category within your program. To do this, navigate to the desired category or sub-category from the ‘Categories’ tab within your discount program. From there, you can copy the URL out of your browser’s address bar.

Do we need to do anything different if our members login using Single Sign On through Abenity’s API?

You can deep link into the Perks program when using SSO, by adding a custom query string parameter to the login link. Please see the FAQ section of our API documentation for more details.