Using SmartLinks and QR Codes to Support Mobile App Downloads and In-App Registration

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Abenity's SmartLinks reduce registration friction and encourage mobile app downloads by automatically directing new and returning users to your discount program's log in or registration page on their iPhone, Android, or desktop computer.

Your discount program's unique SmartLink will take into account the device that the member is using as well as your program's registration and mobile app settings to create a seamless registration and login experience. Members will even be guided to download and register right on the mobile app if that experience is available based on your program's settings.


Rewatch our webinar covering the user experience, ideas of how you can use your program's SmartLink and QR code in your own communications, and the updated promotional resources. 


Sign into your Back Office and navigate to the Marketing Tools tab. There, you'll find the Login & Registration Links resources, which provides the unique SmartLink and QR Code for your discount program. 

2. Confirm Your Registration Method

When promoting your discount program using a SmartLink and the accompanying QR code, your member's experience will depend on the registration method you have setup for your discount program.

Abenity has three primary registration methods:

  • Open Registration (with four sub-types)
  • Closed Registration by Member Import
  • Member API for Single Sign-On

Sign into your Back Office and go to the Registration Method page to confirm the registration method configured for your discount program.

3. Understand the Member Experience for Your Program's Registration Method

Member Experience for Open Registration Programs

Experience on a Mobile Phone

Members using mobile phones to click on your SmartLink or scan your QR code will be automatically taken to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for iOS or Android respectively so that they can download the mobile app for your discount program.

When using the SmartLink, a branded registration page will be displayed the first time the member opens the app after downloading it so they can register right from their phone.Important Note:

  • If your discount program is on our Enterprise service package and has it's own custom-branded perks app, your members will be automatically directed to your custom app in the app store for their device instead of the main Abenity Perks app.
  • If your registration page includes custom registration fields, those will be also be displayed on the in-app registration page.

Experience on a Desktop/Laptop

Members using a computer to click on your SmartLink will automatically be directed to the main registration page for your discount program in their browser.

Member Experience for Closed Registration Programs

If your discount program is setup using the Closed Registration method, members must be registered by an administrator before they can login. 

For these programs, the SmartLink will take members to a special Mobile Apps page within the discount program. The member will be able to login through their browser or proceed to download the mobile app for their device and login natively. 

Experience on a Mobile Phone

Experience on a Desktop/Laptop

Member Experience for Programs Using Abenity's Member API for SSO

Members of discount programs using our Member API for SSO will need to first SSO into the discount program from your organization's website. This step creates their profile in Abenity, which they can then login to on the mobile app. The SmartLink will automatically check to be sure the member is logged into the discount program on their device before directing the member to download the mobile app.

Experience for Members That Are Not Logged In

If the member is not logged in, they will be taken to a page in your discount program that provides a login button directing them to go back to your website to complete an SSO into Abenity.

Experience for Members That Are Logged In

Members that are already logged into the discount program on their device will be taken to a special "Mobile Apps" page in the discount program where they can proceed to download the mobile apps or continue exploring the discount program in their browser.

When using Abenity's Member API, the member's password from your system will not be transferred to Abenity. The member will need to perform a password reset in Abenity to set their Abenity password before logging in on the mobile app.

SmartLinks and their accompanying QR codes make it easier than ever for your members to download the mobile app for your discount program and get logged in to access their savings on the go! 

We have multiple resources available in the Back Office Marketing Gallery to help you use this new promotional tool:

  1. Download your Program Flyers, which are pre-set with your SmartLink and QR code.
  2. Download Slide Templates to customize with your unique SmartLink and QR Code.
  3. Access your SmartLink and QR code to integrate into your own promotions.
  4. Download additional promotional resources and graphics to create your communication materials.

We've also built the QR code right into the mobile app menu! Now, your registered discount program members can tap "Scan to Join" in the menu of the mobile app to display your program's QR code and help their fellow employees, members, and alumni access their savings on the go!

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