We know our clients are offering Abenity as a benefit to their employees or members and they are doing so with the intention of engaging them and building loyalty. That's why we have always been focused on providing private discount programs for our clients at Abenity.

We offer six different registration options for our clients so that you can control your program's level of access, exclusivity and security.

Open Registration

Our “Open Registration” options allow members to voluntarily register for the discount program through a simple online registration form. Don’t let the term “open registration” fool you – we recommend that open registration is only provided behind the secure walls of a company intranet or other password-protected site. Our options include:

  1. Register using a personal email address (Most Accessible)
  2. Using a required universal registration code (Secure)
  3. Register using a company-issued email address (Extremely Secure)
  4. Using an Abenity ID issued on membership cards (Most Secure)

Closed Registration

For our clients who wish to truly limit accessibility, but immediately provide secure and open access to the Abenity program, we provide two “Closed Registration” options. This insures that no one outside of those selected by the Client Administrators have access to the organization’s discount program. The closed registration options include:

  1. Pre-load your members through our secure Member Import feature
  2. Provide direct access to our program via our API using Single Sign-On

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