Customizing the From Name & Email Address on Branded Abenity Engagement Emails

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Feature Availability: Customizing the Logo, From Name, and Email Address used for Abenity engagement emails is a feature only available to Manage PLUS and Enterprise service packages and Abenity's legacy service package equivalents. You can verify your organization's service package within your Back Office.

Customizing the Logo, From Name, and Email Address on the ongoing engagement emails Abenity sends to your members adds an extra layer of branding to the regular reminders your opted-in members receive about this great benefit your organization provides.

Customizing Your Logo in Abenity's Engagement Emails

If your account's service package includes custom branded engagement emails, the logo you set for your discount program within the Branding Settings in the Back Office will be used within your ongoing engagement emails automatically.

Editing the From Name & Email Address in your Back Office

Once you're logged into your organization's Back Office in Abenity, go to the 'Content Controls' tab at the top of the page. From there, click "Program Branding" in the menu and then select the 'Mailing Settings' tab.

The From Name is the name that your members will see as the sender of your email campaigns. We recommend something like "Your Company Name Perks."

The From Email Address is the email address that your members will see as the sender of your email campaigns.

After editing the From Name and From Email, click "Save Settings" to save your selections.

Important: If you choose to use an email address hosted on a domain other than "," then your Abenity Representative will contact you to help you complete the domain Verification and Authentication process outlined below.

Custom Domain Verification, Authentication, and DMARC for Branded Emails

Abenity uses MailChimp as it's Email Service Provider (ESP) to deliver emails to members highlighting discounts within your Perks program. These emails typically come from ""  If you've requested to set up a custom "From Email" address, we'll need to go through the Verification and Authentication steps detailed below, and you'll need to have a published DMARC policy for your domain to ensure successful email delivery to your members. 

Note: Please also share Abenity's Domain and IP Address Allow List here with your IT Team, as that is particularly important for employers offering Abenity as a benefit to their employees.

Domain Verification Process

Your custom email address must be verified by Abenity's Marketing Team as an active email address prior to its use. You must have the ability to send/receive an email from the domain in order to verify the email address.

  1. Once you've submitted your requested From Email through the Abenity Back Office, Abenity will send a Domain Verification Email to that email address. 
  2. Your Abenity Representative will alert you when we're sending the Domain Verification Email. The Domain Verification Email will include a Verification Code. 
  3. Please provide the Verification Code back to your Abenity Representative within 48 hours so we can complete the Verification step in MailChimp. 

If you don't receive the Domain Verification Email within an hour of your Abenity Representative telling you they sent it, please let them know right away. 

More information on Email Domain Verification can be found on MailChimp's Help Center here.

Domain Authentication Process

Once you've completed the Email Domain Verification step above, your Abenity Representative will send you details to complete DKIM authentication.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, use DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) as a way to scan incoming emails for spam or spoofed addresses. Emails that fail authentication are more likely to arrive in a spam or junk folder. 

DMARC alignment uses DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) records to authenticate the emails, so we ask all Abenity clients using a custom From Email address to set up DKIM authentication for your domain. This helps ensure that email campaigns reach your members' inboxes and that the campaigns look more professional. 

Here is an example of the DNS records you'll need to create:

Domain Name:

DKIM: Create two CNAME records:

  • One with a name of: with this value:
  • A second with a name of: with this value:


You'll need to provide this information to whomever manages your domain hosting so they can update your domain's DNS records. This should be done as quickly as possible and confirmed back to your Abenity Representative so we can send emails to your members. 

More details about setting up Domain Authentication can be found on MailChimp's Help Center here. More information on the benefits of Domain Authentication can be found on MailChimp's Help Center here.

DMARC Policy Requirement

For successful email delivery, email service providers like Google and Yahoo require that you have a DMARC policy published for your domain, though it can be set to p=none.

You can learn more about setting up a DMARC record from Google here and dmarcian here

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