If you would like to add a banner to your Perks Program to promote exclusive offers for your members, please contact your Abenity Client Executive for more information.  When you deliver a graphic for your program homepage, please provide the image according to the specs below.

• We have provided a PSD template to use in creating your banner - please download it and pay close attention to the required safe-areas.
• Do not overlay a gray text box; this will be added by Abenity.
• Do not include a call-to-action; text will be dynamically overlaid on top of your image.
• Please provide the text you would like overlaid on your banner when you deliver your final image (max 70 characters).

► Client Exclusives Banner Ad Size:

1208px wide x 744px tall at 72 DPI

Important: Your ad will be scaled down. Test your ad at the following sizes to ensure layout is acceptable and logos are legible:
Scaled Sizes: 604px wide x 372px tall | 312px wide x 192px tall | 288px wide x 177px tall
Template: Download Small Editorial Banner Template

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