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Buyer Beware - From You Flowers

Buyer Beware, I decided to get floweres delivered from the website after they were advertised on the company perks website. With the current situation i was not going to be able to see the 2 people that i sent flowers to face to face i still wanted them to get a gift fro  me on mothers day. I went to their site and picked two flower aragments and even paid for a bigger arrangment since i wanted something really nice. I even paid the sub-carge for them to be delivered on mothers day which as we all know its on a weekend which they charged me $5.99 each delivery. I understand that they use local florist to fufill their orders and sometimes the arrangments might look doifferently but what was delivere was absolutly unacceptable! I ordered these big arrangements and what was delivered was 4 flowers in a vase! When i called to complain they only offered me a $40 refund, a quarter of what i sepent i  total! And to make patters worse, the floweres were already wilting!  DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! If anything Abenity should consider removing them from their program. Below are the pictures of what i ordered and what was delivered. 

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